Ethiopia WIDE is an ongoing longitudinal study of twenty rural communities which began in 1994. Subsequent rounds of fieldwork were carried out in 2003 and in three stages between early 2010 and late 2013.

Through the WIDE Bridge project we re-visited four selected communities in early 2018. Based on the data we presented twelve papers at the International Conference of Ethiopian Studies in Mekelle in early October 2018; see News and events. In later December we published seven Discussion Briefs which can be downloaded from the Publications page. We have also obtained funding for an extension of the Bridge project until mid-2019; see News and events.

The website is designed to be a publicly accessible repository for the WIDE data, publications and workshop and conference presentations. The editing and uploading of documents is continuing so there are currently some gaps.

The communities have been viewed as complex and open social systems on trajectories through time. The data have been made, interpreted and analysed using case-based techniques from sociology and social anthropology.

We would like anyone who uses our data for publication to acknowledge the WIDE project, provide a link to the database, and send us a copy of the publication.