News and events

October 2018

International Conference of Ethiopian Studies ICES20 Mekelle 1-5 October 2018

At this Conference the WIDE Bridge team organised a panel called Globalisation and Rural Ethiopia with 14 papers, 12 written by members of the team. The powerpoints are now available on the Publications Page and the papers are being revised for journal submission.


An Amharic translation of the WIDE Discussion Briefs has been published in Ethiopia and is available online

An international edition of the book recently published in Ethiopia, Change and Transformation in Twenty Rural Communities, Ethiopia has been published in the US by Tsehai Publishers and is available to purchase online. The title is Changing Rural Ethiopia: Community Transformations.

WIDE Bridge… towards WIDE4

Following the launch of the WIDE3 book in February 2017, and with encouragement from a number of Ethiopian and other ‘WIDE friends’, the team began to think about the future of WIDE. The result was a short WIDE Bridge phase, funded by DFID-E, Irish Aid and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), which started in January 2018 with two aims. First, to conduct new fieldwork in four communities, one  each in Amhara, Oromia, SNNP and Tigray Regions, to continue building understanding of changes in rural Ethiopia in a period of ongoing rapid transformation; second, with a view to ensuring that findings from this longitudinal, qualitative, cross-sectoral, community-focused research continue to be available in the longer term, to engage in a process of institutionalising WIDE within interested Ethiopian research- and policy-oriented institutions.

Between January and March 2018 we completed the fieldwork in Aze Debo (Kembata, SNNP), Harresaw (Eastern Tigray), Sirba (East Shewa, Oromia) and Yetmen (East Gojjam, Amhara), and are now working on a number of community- and topic-focused papers using the new data and the data made in earlier fieldwork rounds. Among these, a number of papers will be presented at the 20th International Conference for Ethiopian Studies in Mekelle (1-5 October 2018). Later in the year a set of policy-oriented discussion briefs will be tabled before an Ethiopian policy-making audience.

Along the way we have developed solid links with several  Ethiopian universities and a highly reputable Ethiopian research/policy-oriented partner at federal level, all of which have expressed strong interest at senior leadership level in being involved as full partners in WIDE4, with a view to taking the research forward longer term. On this basis we are now developing a concept note for WIDE4. Funding still needs to be secured but we hope the project will start in early 2019, in an exciting new form in which all partners will jointly design the research approach and questions, university teams will take responsibility for the fieldwork and completion of the WIDE4 qualitative database under the guidance of the WIDE team, and we will jointly develop the products to disseminate the WIDE4 findings for policy-making  and academic audiences in Ethiopia and beyond.