Academic publications

Book chapters

2014 Bevan, P. ‘Researching social change and continuity: a complexity-informed study of twenty rural community cases in Ethiopia 1994 – 2015’ in Laura Camfield [ed] Methodological Challenges and New Approaches to Research in International Development, Palgrave (2014)

2013 Bevan, P., R. Carter and C. Dom ‘A tale of two PSNP sites’ in ‘Food Security, Safety Nets and Social Protection: the Ethiopian Experience’ (eds A. Pankhurst, G-J. van Uffelen and Dessalegn Rahmato; produced by Forum for Social Studies and Wageningen University Disaster Studies).

Conference papers

ESRC Seminar on Complexity and Method in the Social Sciences, Warwick University, UK, 2014

2014, Bevan, P. ‘Change and continuity in rural Ethiopia 1994 (and before) to 2013 (and beyond): a longitudinal study of twenty communities using complexity methods’.

Chronic Poverty Research Centre International Conference, Manchester, 2010

2010 Bevan, P. Tracing the ‘War Against Poverty’ in rural Ethiopia since 2003 Using a Complexity Social Science Approach’

Symposium on ‘Promoting social inclusion in South Asia: policies, pitfalls and the analysis of welfare/insecurity regimes’ University of Bath, 2010

Bevan, P. ‘The MDG-ing of Ethiopia’s Rural Communities 2003-10: Some Meso, Micro and Macro Consequences.’

18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies in Dire Dawa in 2012