WIDE3 2010-2013

Across the three stages seven topics were investigated in all 20 sites and three topics were pursued in Stages 1 and 2 (14 sites). In the second phase of Stage 1 three unique topics were followed up: gender, HIV/AIDS and the lead up to the 2010 election. There were no separate modules on HIV/AIDS or gender in Stages 2 and 3; instead questions on both topics were posed in a number of the more general modules. In Stage 2 there was a long module on the Productive Safety Net Programme since most of the communities were involved in it. In Stage 3 the focus was on wealthier cash-crop producing communities and there were special modules on Farming an Non-farming.

Interviews held in 20 sites

Wereda officials

Kebele officials

Community histories

Interviews with key community members

Interviews with young men and women

Site specific interviews

Community maps

Interviews held in 14 sites

Development interventions – Stage 1 interviews now available

Interviews with a set of dependent adults

Community organisations

Stage 1 only interviews (6 communities)


2010 General Election


Stage 2 only interviews (8 communities)


Stage 3 only interviews (6 communities)

Fact sheet




Happenings since Fieldwork 1

Wereda elections 2013

Research Officer Diaries

WIDE2 & DEEP 2003-2005

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