Interviews with young people

Interviews with young people took different formats in each of the Stages .

In Stage 1 there were male and female Focus Group Discussions each with two groups: one with participants aged 11-14 and the other with participants aged 15-19.

We decided we might get better  information by interviewing young people individually and in Stage 2 for both females an males interviewed three 16-17 years old, three in their mid-20s, and three in their early 30s. Within each age group we interviewed one rich, one middle-wealth, and one poor young person. Our focus was on the changes in experiences  over the 15 years which separated the different age-groups.

In Stage 3 we focused on teenagers with more in-depth questions about their lives. We interviewed poor, middle-wealth and rich male and female teenagers in three age groups: about 13, about 16, and about 19.

Young women and older girls

Stage 1 Female teenagers – focus group discussions

Dinki female teenagers

Geblen female teenagers

Girar female teenagers

Korodegaga female teenagers

Turufe female teenagers

Yetmen female teenagers

Stage 2 Individual interviews with young women 16-early 30s

Adele Keke young women

Aze Debo’a young women

Do’oma young women

Gara Godo young women

Gelcha young women

Harresaw young women

Luqa young women

Shumsheha young women

Stage 3 Female teenagers – individual interviews

Adado female teenagers

Kormargefia female teenagers

Oda Dawata female teenagers

Oda Haro female teenagers

Sirba female teenagers

Somodo female teenagers

Young men and older boys

Stage 1

Dinki male teenagers

Geblen youth male teenagers

Girar youth male teenagers

Koro youth male teenagers

Turufe youth male teenagers

Yetmen male teenagers

Stage 2

Adele keke young men

Aze Debo’a young men

Do’oma young men

Gara Godo young men

Gelcha young men

Harresaw young men

Luqa young men

Shumsheha young men

Stage 3

Adado male teenagers

Kormargefia male teenagers

Oda Dawata male teenagers

Oda Haro male teenagers

Sirba male teenagers

Somodo male teenagers